Anti - Unnecessary

Helping technology companies leverage their past success to fund the future,
by de-mystifying the cost of capital.

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Fuel growth with non-dilutive funding

Realise returns in your recurring revenue

What we DON'T DO in this process

In the past 12 months, we've funded 30+ companies, saved $9.5m in dilution and on average, saw 10% month-on-month growth across the portfolio of tech companies
Our capital is best used to fuel growth and increase operational capacity. Expedite key milestones, bring forward revenue, avoid selling equity or limit founder dilution in a round & delay or skip funding rounds
We don’t take board seats, voting rights, personal guarantees, push for hyper growth, charge early repayment fees or excessively dilute existing shareholders and founders.

Cheque Sizes

Fast, Flexible Funding

Advisory Program

Initial cheque sizes typically range from $50k to $1m.
We frequently re-finance also.
Ave. 2 week turnaround on funding, with repayments as a percentage of monthly revenue (typically 7% - 10%) over a projected 6 - 24 month period.
We have an additional scale-up support program with a seriously good list of investors and operators who provide expert scaleup support.

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