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Tractor BridgeĀ Capital

Accelerate with flexible funding from a capital partner that understands how you fund the future.
  • Best for: Increase Runway
  • Non-Dilutive $$ & No Directors Guarantees
  • Bespoke Flexible Payment Terms
  • Interest Only Terms Available
$100k - $1M

Funding Access

Access $100K - $1million in just days



Approved in 3-4 Business Days



3-12 Month Loan Repayment Terms

170+ companies

Ensuring AU/NZ tech-focussed companies can increase their runway and strategically focus on key milestones with time on their side.

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Some companies see the horizon, and know funding is going to get them there.

Increase revenue for upcoming milestones (such as fundraising) by strategically using non-dilutive debt funding to your advantage.

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Step 1

Apply for Tractor Bridge Capital

The Capital Strategy Team are in touch within 1 business day.

Step 2

Storytelling, About Your Horizon

We source some simple details to get started, in a ~3 minute process.

Step 3

An Investment Committee Where The Path Forward Is Clear

We utilise technology for data-driven decision-making, and our people provide fast, transparent feedback.

Step 4

Approval to Disbursal. No Need For This To Be Complicated

Capital is with you as soon as 24 Hours after the paperwork is signed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Tractor Bridge Capital as a finance product? šŸšœ
What would you use Tractor Bridge Capital for? šŸšœ
What type of revenue and metrics do I need to have to access Tractor Bridge Capital, as part of this process? šŸšœ

Need access to Bridge Funding by Tractor?

It's easy to get the process started and the first step of the application takes ~3 minutes.

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