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Tractor supports tech companies with capital+. Here’s the ways decision-makers scale their company, on their terms.

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Fund the Future and unlock the possibilities for immediate growth

Hundreds of leaders access alt-capital without dilution, from us. Then they put it to work, strategically.

Straight from the tractors mouth

Capital and advisory utilised hand-in-hand, to grow a company strategically, methodically and with optionality.

That’s what we like to hear.

Here’s how a tractor does

Every tractor is different. There’s not just one way to fund a technology company and there’s not just one way to support their growth. That is the Village way.

Financial Services

How we helped Float grow their yearly revenue from 46% to 55% with growth advisory.

Float is the #1 rated resource management software to keep projects profitable, workloads sustainable, and distributed teams in sync. Our Village helps this global, remote-first company scale their impact.

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Marketing & Advertising

How we helped Amplified Intelligence create their own category by pivoting their business towards a product focus, strategically.

Amplified Intelligence are a VC-backed, global company that utilise debt and equity funding in a tandem, elastic manner to scale their revenue strategically with a mixture of short and long term objectives.

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Collaborative Commerce

How we helped Syncio decide when the best time to fundraise was, on their terms.

Syncio are on a mission to democratise inventory and the basic building blocks of commerce across the internet. Resisting following the fundraise path in pursuit of profitability, Syncio use Tractor funding to grow, with optionality.

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“We were spending $1000 on ad-words, if we can now spend $2000, we know what our ROI is going to be, and we know that money is coming in.

It allows us to grow quicker, having that cash injection. It’s the opportunity cost – it's worth its weight in gold. If it alleviates some of the stress, I’m happy to pay that.”

Daniel Kagan, Founder, Part & Parcel

"I discovered Tractor Ventures because I wanted to make sure that the business was not rushed to find the right long-term investment partner. 

Tractor helped to give Stockspot more flexibility with the timing of raising capital and helped us achieve this great outcome.”

Chris Brycki, Founder & CEO, Stockspot

"Funding from Tractor has helped us more efficiently manage order-to-fulfilment cycles, whilst reducing the amount we needed to raise by 15%, which of course has really positive downstream effects on the value of the company."

Eric Peck, Co-Founder & CEO, Swoop Aero

"We set out from day one to build a product that would continue to evolve with the cybersecurity landscape, but also to respond accordingly to the changes within small business segments.

I’ve found 1,000 different ways not to sell to small businesses. I’ve managed to find several ways to sell to small businesses, but none of them work on a fast sales cycle. If you’re really conscientious about that, I think the best way to do it is to be a tractor, not a rocket ship.

Susan Jones, Co-Founder & CEO, Cynch Security

Advisory, at your Service

Take $1 and turn it into $$$.
You put the capital to work.
We put the work into support.

We’re a crew of founders, operators and investors that know what’s on your mind.
Lean on us, to fund the future, sustainably.

Tractor Ventures Founders Aprill Allen, Jodie Imam and Matt Allen

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