Frequently Asked

What is 🚜 Ventures?
We will be the center of gravity for non-venture backed tech founders in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll do this by using our capital, our experience, and our partners and shareholders to assist founders to grow enduring companies.

We love founders who take the time to get things right, look after their staff and customers. The ones who blend ambition and caution well, who know exactly why they do what they do.

We’re not a VC fund, we’re a company that invests in founders off our balance sheet. What that means is that we don’t have a hard end date like all VC funds do. It means that we have a lot of flexibility about how we help founders and it means that, just like your company, we run a profitable company and choose what to do with those profits.

For the first few years, we’ll be re-investing them and letting compounding do it’s work. Matt and Aprill are the directors, we have a board and advisors, just like you might. This is our life’s work. We believe that time is the friend of bootstrapped founders.
Is a 🚜 Investment for me?
We are all about helping bootstrapped founders grow their businesses at a pace that suits them. For now, we’re talking to tech founders in Australia and New Zealand who have gotten to $50K monthly revenue who are looking for some capital and advice to accelerate their company a little faster. We can work with any founders, even if you have existing investors. Talk to us!
Where’s our revenue have to be to start the 🚜 conversation?
For now, $50K a month in revenue from a software, ecommerce or direct to consumer company. Over time, we’ll be looking for founders who are on their way to $50K MRR but not quite there yet
How much capital can we get from 🚜?
From as little as $50K up to $500K. We’re backed by some amazing tech founders ourselves. Some are bootstrapped, some have sold their companies but *all* of them believe that there is a huge opportunity in non-venture backed tech startups.
What’s the 🚜 process look like?
Step 1. Fill out our form
  • Step 2. We have a Zoom
  • Step 3. We hook into your Xero and our accounting partners give us a little insight into your biz
  • Step 4. We have a look at what your pipeline looks like
  • Step 5. We sign the docs and wire the cash.
It’s super easy, the decisions are fast and made by us. No mucking about.
How does 🚜 get its returns?
Two ways. 1). We issue a Revenue Based Financing agreement. Upfront we agree to a fixed multiple return. This is paid back from 5% of your revenue till its done. You can pay it back faster (with more than 5% MRR, at your choice) to reduce the multiple. We think it’s super founder friendly. 2). We *earn* warrants in your company. Matt, Aprill and the team earn a small percentage of your company as options. We earn these over the first 12 months of the finance deal. If we’re not useful to you, we can end this and you’ll keep your equity. The % we earn is typically 5-10 *less* than an angel round.
How does 🚜 compare to an angel round?
Ah, the old equity vs debt conversation. We think that most bootstrapped founders enjoy being in control of their destiny, at the top of the preference stack for any returns and are generally proud of how they’ve gotten to where they are. 🚜 doesn’t change any of that. We dont take board seats, we dont even take equity. We take warrants that convert later if you get profitable, raise a round or exit. Until then we dont even really exist. We want to see you grow at a pace that *suits you*. You wont get pressure from us to change the way you do things to raise a higher price in the future.
Who is 🚜 anyway?
Meet the team here. You can read a little more about Aprill and Matt here.