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🚜 Tractor Team

Aprill Allen - General Partner - 🇦🇺

Aprill is a knowledge management specialist. She’s an experienced customer support and service management operator and a certified Knowledge Centred Service trainer. You’ll want to pull her in when you are formalising support and success structures and practices.

Jodie Imam - COO - 🇦🇺

Jodie runs the show at Tractor. She’s an exited founder, experienced mentor and has a Masters of Finance. You’ll want to pull her in when you are building community, sales and teams.

Kirsti Grant - General Partner - 🇳🇿

Kirst is our resident people geek. She’s scaled up Auror from 10 to 40 (Vend from 40 - 250 before that) and loves all things about creating high performing cultures and amazing employee experiences. You’ll want to pull her in on anything people related.

Lance Hodges - General Partner - 🇳🇿

Lance is our specialist generalist. He’s run product and ops at Vend, and has seen all kinds of stuff. You’ll want to pull him in when you are building or scaling products and everything in between.

Darcy Naunton - Chair - 🇦🇺

Darcy is our finance guy, ex-institutional investments, venture capitalist, serial co-founder and overland adventurer. A generalist to be called upon for anything from financial modelling, legal, accounting to governance and beyond.

Matt Allen - CEO - 🇦🇺

Matt is our ex geek, ex recruiter, ex BD guy. Some say he’s a walking LinkedIn, but we don’t. You’ll want to pull him in for strategy, business modelling and raising capital.


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