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Tractor Growth Capital

Accelerate with flexible funding from a capital partner that understands your destination.
  • Best for: Increase Valuation
  • Non-Dilutive $$ & No Directors Guarantees
  • Fast Re-Finance Process Available
$300k - $1M

Funding Access

Get access up to $1 million.



Approved in 3-4 Business Days.



3-36 Month Loan Repayment Terms

170+ companies

Helping AU/NZ tech-focussed companies fund the future, with time and confidence to scale at a pace that they choose.

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Some companies do what they do really well. Others do that too, but faster.

Save time and access non-dilutive capital in recurring fashion, by co-creating a capital strategy in partnership with the Tractor Ventures team.

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Step 1

Apply For Tractor Capital Growth

The Capital Strategy Team are in touch within 1 business day.

Step 2

Your Position Of Strength

We run a very simple 3 minute process as a start, so we can gather some initial details.

Step 3

An Investment Committee That Understands Your Business Needs

We run a process that includes people AND technology, in order to run a data-informed credit and risk assessment that is user-friendly, quick, and transparent.

Step 4

Approval, Disbursal… You’re On Your Way

Funds in your account 24 Hours after agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Tractor Growth Capital as a finance product? 🚜
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What type of revenue and metrics do I need to have to access Tractor Capital Growth, as part of this process? 🚜

Ready to access Tractor Capital Growth to unlock your next growth phase?

It takes minutes to apply - fast track the funding application process here (it only takes about ~3 minutes to submit details to us).

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