Not all ambitiousfounders needventure capital.

Tractor Ventures provides a flexible, revenue based financing alternative for founders who want to lead profitable technology companies.

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Our experienced team provide strong support to the founding teams in our portfolio.

We give each business we invest in, the optionality to run profitably, to raise a VC round (on their terms), or to exit early and cement their personal wealth.

Why Tractor?

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The Team.

Matt, Aprill & the team are deeply experienced founders, operators, mentors and investors.

Matt & Aprill have almost 30 angel investments in their portfolio and are husband and wife. Matt is a three-times ex CTO, and led the VC portfolio at AWS for AN/Z. Aprill, a knowledge management specialist, advises teams on how to scale their customer success and support systems.

Meet Jodie, Kirsti, Lance, Darcy, Aprill and Matt

Matt & Aprill

Our advisory board is made up of experienced investors & operators:

Kylie Frazer

Kylie Frazer

ex M&A Lawyer, currently General Partner and Founder of Eleanor Ventures.

Darcy Naunton

Darcy Naunton

Chairman. Co-founder YBF, Partner at Black Nova VC

Bill Bartee

Bill Bartee

Ex-Southern Cross Ventures, ex- Blackbird Ventures and currently General Partner at Main Sequence Ventures.

The Amazing Tractor Portfolio Companies



Teamgage Logo

Ben & Noelle Smit founded Teamgage in May 2016. Equal parts earnest and dynamic, they are purpose-driven and intent on helping employees solve problems at work and make a material impact towards their goals. Until Tractor's investment, Teamgage's founders hadn't taken any outside capital, yet they were already profitable with customers including Westpac, Telstra, CSIRO and NEC.

"Tractor's investment and advice means we can grow in a way aligned with our values. We are focussed on sustainable growth by engaging with great customers and hiring great people. We are ambitious in our drive to grow, but in a way where we treat people the right way."Noelle Smit, COO

Creatively Squared.

Creatively Squared Logo

Creatively Squared was born out of a collective desire for creative freedom. Looking for a creative outlet, Ruth founded an online community for visual creators which quickly gained momentum.

Ruth and Scott saw an opportunity to improve the way brands were producing content for digital audiences. Traditional methods were no longer effective and to succeed online, modern brands required an abundance of great content to connect with their audiences.

"We’re aggressive about growth but we’re not chasing growth at all costs. We have big ambitions and want to build a sustainable company that lasts, but what’s most important to us right now is optionality. Tractor’s investment means we can accelerate our growth, their advice will help us navigate the challenges we’re facing and we can continue building our business and choose the right path for us at the right time."Scott Thomas, CEO


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Frequently Asked

What is 🚜 Ventures?
We will be the center of gravity for non-venture backed tech founders in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll do this by using our capital, our experience, and our partners and shareholders to assist founders to grow enduring companies. We love founders who take the time to get things right, look after their staff and customers. The ones who blend ambition and caution well, who know exactly why they do what they do. We’re not a VC fund, we’re a company that invests in founders off our balance sheet. What that means is that we don’t have a hard end date like all VC funds do. It means that we have a lot of flexibility about how we help founders and it means that, just like your company, we run a profitable company and choose what to do with those profits. For the first few years, we’ll be re-investing them and letting compounding do it’s work. Matt and Aprill are the directors, we have a board and advisors, just like you might. This is our life’s work. We believe that time is the friend of bootstrapped founders.
Is a 🚜 Investment for me?
We are all about helping bootstrapped founders grow their businesses at a pace that suits them. For now, we’re talking to tech founders in Australia and New Zealand who have gotten to $50K monthly revenue who are looking for some capital and advice to accelerate their company a little faster. We can work with any founders, even if you have existing investors. Talk to us!

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