The Tractor Ventures

These are the Tractor Ventures Leadership Principles. We behave this way internally, and seek to support founders with whom these resonate.

Founder's way

When founders win, we win, in that order. We optimise for the way this founder wants to run their company. Profitably, venture backed or exited. We are here to help.

Kindness first

Founding companies is hard. We act with empathy and are kind to our founders.

Leadership Lens

We’re all leaders. We empower each other to use our super powers daily. We hire to fill the gaps.

Team #1

We look out for each other, so we can focus on our founders. Customer happiness is the exhaust of an aligned team.

Lots of Laughs

Humour is not optional. We’re a funny, witty bunch and we like to enjoy ourselves. Fun happens everyday, we enjoy our work and the people we do it with.

We earn the trust

We work hard to earn, and keep, trust amongst ourselves and our founders. We show up, and we do what we said we’d do.

Rise up!

We see questions and alternate points of view as part of the thinking process. We seek different opinions so we can be stronger when we commit to one.

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