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Join us on our mission to unlock possibilities for founders!

Tractor has:

  • Disbursed alt-capital to hundreds of founders
  • Welcomed those hundreds of founders into our ‘Village’
  • Provided advisory, growth expertise, and more time for our Village

“We are thrilled to be supporting Tractor Ventures to establish in Victoria to further strengthen the investor landscape and give self-funded startups another avenue to access capital".

Dr Kate Cornick
CEO, LaunchVic

There’s a few partners in our farm, and we’d love to know if you see yourselves in it!

Partners. We love working with them.

We’ve cultivated a number of partnerships, from funding referrals to Village perks, to content providers to scouts.

If you see an opportunity to collaborate with us, then please do share intentionally and express freely (that’s one of our values).

Perks Partners

'Straight to the bottom line.'

Perks benefits to save $$ as a nice side-benefit to receiving Tractor funding.Including AWS, Stripe & lots more.

Referral Partners

'Let us help you help the companies you help.'

Easy, trusted and transparent process to fund fast and fund often.

Growth Partners

'Together we grow.'

Get Tractor funded. Then access 80+ Growth Partners to grow in the most efficient manner.

Ecosystem Partners

'See you out there.'

We deliver events & gatherings, distribute content campaigns and collaborate with a diverse range of Partners.

Five reasons why you should partner with Tractor

We’re here to make this uncomplicated, and easy. The same way we fund companies.

Tractor Ventures Team Shot 1Tractor Ventures Founders Aprill Allen, Jodie Imam and Matt AllenJodie Imam Partnerships ImageTeam Team Hobart OffsiteTractor Ventures Team Hobart Strategy Offsite
Reason 1

Funding, Scaled

We have 125+ companies in our Tractor Village, quickly growing, and we envision that number will be 2500+ strong within 5 years. Wait until you see what we have for you next.

Reason 2

Alternative Funding Works

We’ve grown astronomically in our first couple of years of operation, showing that our alt-capital offering is now one that founders choose, not just access as a second choice.

Reason 3

Tractors. So hot right now.

Wait til you meet some of the companies we’ve funded and the impact they are generating in market. Revenue-generating, running sustainably, and extremely values aligned with us.

Reason 4

We’re trying to make this easier.
Not, not easy.

We don’t believe the path to accessing capital should be so vague or ambiguous. We don’t believe working with people and companies in the ecosystem should be difficult to figure out either. Tell us your goals and we’ll tell you ours.

Reason 5

The Network™

We’re backed by 130+ investors ourselves, containing some of the leading founders, investors, operators and believers in the AU/NZ technology sector. We’re all in this together. Join us.

"Tractor enhances the Australian startup community by providing funding to great companies, and helping educate founders and their teams on what quality looks like."

Jason Atkins

Co-founder, Cake Equity

Okay, I’m sold. How do we partner with Tractor Ventures?

First things first, let’s start with exactly what you’re trying to achieve, then we can let you know the way we work, and what we’re capable of achieving, together.

Step 1

Fill in an Application

Let us know what you’re looking to action and how we help you get there.

Step 2

Call with the Team

If we can partner with you, we will, and we will line up a phone call to chat next steps.

Step 3

Let's Make it happen

Exit, bureaucracy.
Enter, Partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to unlock your next phase of growth with non-dilutive funding?

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