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For Founders Looking to Align Capital with the Heartbeat of Their Business

  • Non-Dilutive Loans
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Fund the Future with Confidence Capital

Unlock the possibilities to easily fund those capital intensive projects by accessing non-dilutive finance specifically designed for parts and inventory customer fulfilment.



Access multiple amounts of $$ (up to $1million at a time) in non-dilutive funding.



Average 14 days length from application to approval to disbursal



Access a pool of AU & NZ’s most reputable and well known investors

Why access Tractor Inventory Advance Funding?

Hardware startup founders shouldn’t have the hardest decisions to make when needing to access inventory and componentry.
We provide easy, transparent founder funding, courtesy of a team that understands the life of a founder.

  • No Dilution. Increase Future Valuations on your Terms
  • Pay back immediately or over time as part of a recurring payments model (anywhere from 3-24 months)
  • Easy, quick investment committee process
  • Access and additional Inventory Advance Capital via re-financing
  • Access a known cost of capital to factor into your future planning

Hardware? Hard Yeah

Inventory Advance is utilised by founders in the Tractor Village to pull forward guaranteed revenue for projects soon to be delivered

What Do Founders Require In Order to Qualify?

Inventory Advance is for founders that are eliminating the barriers to growth by building, testing and certifying products before delivering guaranteed orders.

  • AU/NZ Based
  • ~3 months runway in place
  • ~$50K predictable revenue per month
  • Technology focussed solutions


Save time making hard decisions. Utilise non-dilutive funding for CapEx fulfilment & generate increased customer commitment

Step 1

Apply Now for Inventory Advance

The team are in touch within 1 working day

Step 2

Knowledge Share, about the Hardware

We get you to fill in some due diligence paperwork

Step 3

An investment committee that understands founders

Average 2 week turnaround from application to approval

Step 4

Approval, Disbursal... You’re on your way

Funds distributed in 24 hours after approval

The Tractor Ventures Team

'We're here for a long time, not a loan term.'

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