Reimagining Health Education with Talisium
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Reimagining Health Education with Talisium

Talisium provides employers and medical professionals with the best certified health content, training and tools.

Let’s get Educated.

Talisium provides the world’s highest quality health courses, all in the one place.

They provide employers and medical professionals throughout the world, the best certified health content, training and tools. And they make it affordable, accessible and convenient.

With over 5000 different courses covering more than 500 topics, offered online or onsite, Talisium tailor solutions to upskill health workers or help medical professionals retrain for new career opportunities.

The Beginning

Talisium founder Tony Brennan was a CEO running a medical company in Afghanistan and saw first-hand the need for high quality, low cost online education for health professionals. Something simple, that could be deployed quickly and delivered with a single login.  He saw that healthcare, education and digitisation frequently appeared in the top five growth sectors of the future. Talisium represented a convergence of all three verticals.

Unlike a lot of other companies in the online education space who try to be everything to everyone, Tony wanted to focus specifically on health.

Lessons Learnt

To date, the funding for Talisium has been through cashflow and a small number of individuals who believed in the vision and opportunity, including a high net worth individual in Perth who is a strong supporter and repeat investor.

Talisium has a product that is generating revenue; blue chip clients across a number of countries, and partnerships with some of the most reputable organisations in the world, but growth to date has been slow organic growth. Tony acknowledges he hasn't been a entirely suited to a singular focus as a salesperson from the outset, such is the breadth of responsibilities of a founder.

“We have never had the resources to really accelerate growth - that had been a big inhibitor. One of my core philosophies is to try and drive as much value as possible for existing shareholders and only dilute equity when absolutely necessary, so it has always been a balancing act to get as much traction and growth as possible before trying to seek funding.“

Talisium was losing opportunities because they didn’t have the money, people and product to really go hard on growth, so Tony made the call to secure funding that would enable them to move to the next stage of their development.

How to get the best results

Revenue-based financing does not involve significant dilution of equity for existing shareholders and is tied to revenue, and that appealed to Tony. In addition, it does not create issues that would come with a fixed repayment amount, regardless of monthly revenue. Talisium also liked the fact that with Tractor, they could repay early, or take the full term if it was needed.

Tony sums up the benefits of the Tractor Ventures’ relationship:

“A genuine understanding of what it is like to be a founder, the ‘on-call’ support of an experienced team and the depth of an investor network to tap into when required for future funding.”

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