Amplified Intelligence- Leading The Global Attention Economy
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Amplified Intelligence- Leading The Global Attention Economy

Amplified Intelligence are attention measurement specialists, leading the global attention economy.

Can we please have your attention?

Amplified Intelligence are the attention measurement specialists.

Attention is an accurate and effective way to measure human interaction with media, and in the world of advertising, human attention metrics drives very real business outcomes.

But the audience measurement industry was lagging.

Amplified Intelligence founder Professor Dr Karen Nelson-Field knew that being able to record and measure what a human does, not what they say they do, was the true north star measurement.

So, they created an industry application through a range of attention metrics and products designed to change how the advertising industry thinks about effectiveness.

It was a game-changer.

Combining solid research foundations with machine learning and innovative thinking allowed clients to measure things differently.

Now, using attention metrics, advertisers can compare media performance, optimise media plans, and can be smarter with their creative.

And these sorts of insights are gathering global attention.  Amplified Intelligence has clients in 23+ countries, including big names like Burger King, Kayo, Kayo, Spotify, MARS, MTV, Screen Force, Shell, TVNZ, Sky, Binge and more.

Intelligent Beginnings

The innovation behind Amplified Intelligence came about five years ago when Karen, frustrated with legacy audience measurement metrics, saw an opportunity to develop technology to answer questions about attention to advertising on social and web platforms. They built an early solution that could collect facial footage through mobile phone cameras and turn this data into attention scores via their own proprietary gaze models.

Karen knew a day would come when the audience measurement industry would implode (due to ad fraud, ineffectiveness and non-transparency) and built superior attention measurement product to fill in that market need.

The dollars make sense (or, ‘The Money Stuff')

Until recently, Amplified Intelligence had been 100% bootstrapped. Karen used her own money to get the first pay cheques out and since then, they’ve been funded by project revenue and recently, SaaS and Data License revenue.

To find the funding to grow, there were certain things that would be needed. Someone that understood the value of the intangible assets; those primary drivers of a business, like software, data, brand, systems, know-how, credibility etc. that are often not reflected in balance sheets. Someone who understood the significant marketing opportunity that was right in front of their nose. And, importantly, good humans!

A Tractor Drives in.

Amplified Intelligence have a significant opportunity to corner an emerging market, but their incoming revenue is too slow for the growth trajectory. The funds from Tractor allows them to hire key product and development resources and to dominate the category early. Tractor has helped with ESOP, People Experience, Management Coaching, CTO advice and more.

Since the first meeting with Tractor, Amplified Intelligence have grown their team threefold, started to recruit in the UK and USA and closed a post-seed VC round with Ten13.

For Karen, Tractor offered affordable growth and the flexibility to hit their straps.

“We love our catch ups and we love how engaged they are in our business. They are interested in helping founders grow and being fairly paid for this help.”

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